Nunca imaginarás la razón por la que esta mujer se rapa todo el cabello

Rebecca Brown es una mujer de 23 años que sufre de Trichotillomania, una enfermedad que provoca la necesidad de arrancarse todo el cabello del cuerpo, la cual sufre de 2 a 4% de la población.

Rebecca fue diagnosticada a los 12 años con este padecimiento, el cual la ha llevado en varias ocasiones a raparse la cabeza. También sufre de depresión, es un poco antisocial y es fan de la ciencia ficción, como describe en su Tumblr.

Hace unos días, Rebecca subió un video a YouTube en donde explica un poco acerca de esta condición, y después muestra algunas áreas de su cabeza en las que ya no crecerá cabello al menos por un año “O me rapo todo el cabello, o lo pierdo.  Me alimento al ser torturada por el cabello en mi cabeza” explica.”Realmente ya no tengo otra opción”.

My name is Rebecca Brown, also known as “Beckie0”.
I have finally decided to start a public diary/tumblr specifically for Trichotillomania.
The basics about me: I am 19, about to start Film School in October, have endured severe Trichotillomania since I was 12 and above, although I have been playing with my hair obsessively, since I was born. I have depression, and when it hits, by golly I’m low. I’m social phobic and an introvert. I’m not good at making friends as this is increasing in difficulty as I’m getting older. I’m a perfectionist. I’m a sci-fi fan, Doctor Who and Star Trek! I’m single and straight. I’m a cat lady. I like the colours pink and blue. I like Kate Bush, Enigma, Coldplay and Enya…. I do have a YouTube channel. However I would like to stay away from that for now.
Oh and if you do not know me. I have many different coloured wigs. The photo above is what I look like right now, no makeup, no wigs… etc.
Serious time now.
I have never thought of myself as a role model, although it’s a common phrase sent in my direction. I was recently asked about this and how I feel about it.
I am who I am, and I act for myself. When I post something, I post for me and me alone. In real life I try to be as confident as I appear online, and in some areas, yes I am - such as Trichotillomania. But in others, I tend to fall apart, go silent and become a wallflower. The internet has given me the confidence to be myself and open up about my life and my interests whilst growing up!
I talk to the internet and my cameras as I struggle to talk to people in real life. There is something about writing/talking to the world that I just love! A real buzz!
There are occassions whereby I do post and talk to the world out there, to try and raise awareness on a topic such as Trichotillomania, however these often come about due to then-current events going on in my own life - such as bullying leading to my Trichotillomania Hurtful responses video.
Trichotillomania is a very… tricky topic. Having been in contact with hundreds of thousands of people across the world… I’ve learnt many things about the condition to add to my own experiences. Right now, I feel as though I am on a personal journey into discovering who I am and where I want to go from here. I feel dividing up my feelings in other places - especially as I am allowed to password protect this if I need to - is a good thing.
I’m reaching a point now, whereby I feel defined by my Trichotillomania work… people in the community have described me as an advocate and celebrity - I do not agree. I am Rebecca Brown, a girl who is just open about the condition and the various emotions that are joined with it. I’ve grown up being open about it, and I’ve had more 3 million people watch my videos on my Trichotillomania works alone. I can’t hide it, it’s part of who I am. However, I would like to be known for all parts of myself and not just Trichotillomania.
I have a personal blog, which I love posting daily on. :).
This blog for the moment, will have NO STRUCTURE, lets just see how things go for now! For starters, I need to make sure people are aware that this blog is infact my own and not someone else. Hello it’s really me writing this - look at the bad vocabulary!! :D
It will be a rollarcoaster on here, I am warning you in advance. I shall be both positive and negative - going far in each direction. There will be photographs of myself and others with the condition. So please be aware that this is a Trichotillomania blog only… Not a normal Tumblr. Because I have been using Tumblr under my personal account for sometime now, I may have to reblog older things from there. But from now on I shall be POSTING here.
As I said, this is a journal for myself. If I can help and support others along the way, then fantastic, I shall try.
Thankyou for following/supporting me. Let’s watch the madness unfold :D

Aunque esta no es la primera vez que se rapa la cabeza, Rebecca luce nerviosa y ansiosa al principio de su video.

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